Ignoring The Signs

Published on 22 November 2023 at 21:51

Some People Have Been Watching 1089TV For 26 Weeks and Still Haven't Purchased A Piece Of TEK.

They "Believe" They're Getting Enough Protection From Radiation; 5g, Microwaves, Wi-Fi, and In The Videos.

They Behave As If Watching and Supporting The Platform Is Enough and Will Facilitate Them. However That Is Not The Purpose Of The Platform. Application, Practitioning, and Exercising What Is Conveyed and Outlined In The Videos,Seminar,Webinar, and Community Is There To Assist The Beginner. The Apprentices and Novice Alike. Indicators, Signs , and Messages Are Inserted Into The Algorithm of One's Daily Affairs Synchronistically Encouraging You,and Your Awareness, Your Focus and Concentration To Expand. To Heighten and Become More Aware Of Who and What You Truly You Are. This Takes Effort and Testament and Does Require Some Guidance. Tutelage and Instruction. Laziness and Neglect Festers and Optimally Performs It's Functions Utilizing The Power Of Your Mind. Some Become Forgetful, Easily Distracted, Detracted and Frustrated. 


Their Highest Form Takes The Frustration As An Inability To Want To Grow and Evolve and Align With The Truest For Of Self (The Divine) & Reinserts Them Into The Simulation of The Default Program Template Comprised By The Adverse Forces, Beings, and Spell Binding Formulations. That Can And Will Benefit From Such Situations and Circumstances That Arrive and Go, Arry .

This Boxes Their Consciousness Into A Looping Cycle of Living Bewilderment. Much To Their Chagrin Those of Us That Are In Alignment and Attuned To The Agencies Of Tier and Ranking That Assist Us See Them and Their Transgressions Quite Clearly.


It Is The Radiation and Radioactive Implementation of ELF Wave Emissions and Chemtrail Therapy That Behest People iNto This Unconscious State of False AwaRÉness.Rendering Them Prisoner's of Their Own Undoing. This Insidious Cycle Can Occur and Persist For A Litany of Lifetime.


                      - PaRuwty

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