The Remote Controller

Published on 23 November 2023 at 01:31


The "Remote Controller" I speak of Is A Pyramid I Comprised Under The Guidance Of A Labradorite Shard Measuring The Size of An Ape Located iN The Bowls Of A Cave Located WithiN The Astral Plane of The Crystal Kingdom. 
Having Several Builds That Are Psylocked To My Superconscious. The Remote Controller Has An Intelligence That Is Expanded To Cosmic Ranges of Awareness. Harnessing An Intuitive Ability That Has Not Disappointed My Being or The Many of Customers,  Clients,  and iNitiates That Trust It's Clairsentience.
It Remote Views The Nueral Map Of One's Brain, The Range of One's Perception and The Unique Energetic Signature and Vibration Emitted From The Higher Heart Chakra. All From The Confines Of My Home. From The  Bay of My Altar.
Projecting and Over Laying It's Report Over The Psychic Center of My Mind. I  Have A Plethora of Reports On Many Of Being. Many That Are Too Dialed iNto Doubt , Uncertainty,  and Fear To Obtain The Remedy Found iN The OrgoniteTek.





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