Feather Form TEK


Feather Form TEK Is A Lighter Variant Of The Orgone Devices By NunpTah RE' - TEK. Just As It's Name Indicates , It's Very Light In Weight and Protects One From Cellphone Radiation, Microwave Radiation and Elf Waves Just As The Other Devices. The Uniqueness About The Feather Form TEK Is That When You Place It On The Skin It Drops The Blood Pressure and Increase Blood Flow Upon Touch. When Worn Around The Neck. Wear To Bed and Experience A Peaceful Nights Rest. Awaken Alert ,  Refreshed , and Vitalized With The Necessary Energy To Start Off Your Day On The Right Track. Comes With A Leather Strap. Copper Chains Are An Additional 20.00 and Should Be Noted In Purchase.