Official Note Of NunpTah RÉ -TEK.
Qurshaniyya Means: The Dedication and Devotion To Reverence For Our Ancestors.

This Note Ensures Reaching The Ancestors Is Priority #1.
Anubu Dispatcher of Souls That Transition The Life Of The Living.
Grants Serenity and Understanding of The Experience of Removing Death From The Psychic Center of The Mind.

Helping The Ancestor Come To Clarity and Solutions To Heavy Weighed Thought, Desire, and Issues of The Heart That Weigh Heavy On The Mind & The Scales Of Truth and Justice.

Giving The Receivers Of This Offering Truth and Justice For Liberation of Any Transgressions of Rendering Magnitude.
Covering The Debts Left To Predecessors Of The Dearly Departed.
This Note Will Bring Bridges To Open Roads. Removing Resistance and Obstruction Placing Fulfillment and Pleasure of An Accomplished Nature.

On The Other Side Of The Celestial Courts Of Ausaru Father of Anubu Awaits The Windfall of Offerings Bestowed From This Note.

Designed To Liberate The Ancestors From Forms of Hell, Purgatory and Cyclic Loops of The Material Realm.
It Reverbs Through The Bloodline and Links Where Needed Most.
Comes With a set of (40) 76 Trillion Dollar Notes. This Notes Energy Echoes Throughout The Ancestral Network of Our Community.

2 Notes Are Required
For Optimum Effect

Celestial Accountant Of The Cosmos.
Grand Father Jade Emperor Lords Over All Transactions Performed iN The Earth RÉalm and Spirit RÉalm also.
Optimus Prime In His Rankings
Amongst All Gods Venerated By The
Immortal and Divine His Announcement of Presence Exhibits Prosperity Throughout The Mental Abode. Emitting Green Opulence With Geometric Precision.That Whirlpools Through The Mind Center of All Consciousness Of Planet Earth.
Matriculating Through Metals and Minerals The Jade Emperor's Energetic Signature Solidifies Into Jade.

Jade A Stone Associated With Prosperity and Health and Vibrates Through The Heart Plexus.
Which Serves
As The Axis of The Chakra Field In The Body. The Heart Is The Seat Of The Mind.The Mind Projects The Body into Atomic Light. Giving You Physical Body To Experience Prosperity. The Four Elements Are Available iN Abundance and Prosperity Emits It's Green Resonance Through The Four Elements Also iNto Everything That Precedes From These Primary Necessities.

Jade Emperor Is Benevolent and Patient God He Has A 3 million incarnation marked iN the Earth Akashic. Giving Him Full Autonomy of All Probabilities Probable. Eternally Available In Every Dimension. This Note Carries The Necessary Energy To Remedy Poverty Demons That Parasitically Feed On The Mind and Hearts Of Human Earthling and or Former Human Earthling Alike.

To Connect To The Jade Emperor's Energetic Coordinates Directly. He Requires Fresh Rice and A Large Bottle of Top Shelf Wine.
Also Steak and Gold Jewelry
Seek A Statue or Photo of Grand Father Jade Emperor and Place On The Top Shelf of The Altar To Venerate.

Burn this note in the AM.
Watch the Note until It completely burns out. No more than 5 notes is necessary for optimum effects.



Embellish Divine Clarity From The Buddha Field Of The 5th Dimension.

Carrying The Divine Blessings Of The Yellow Tara Goddess.
Accompanied By Gayatri and The Divine Light Of Creation

This Note Radiates With A Pure Divine Light Illuminating To The Darkest Corners Of The Wastelands of The First Dimension.

This Note Will Eradicate Thoughts of
Poverty, Lack, and Worthlessness From The Four Ventricles Of The Progenitors Lineage.

The Clearing Exhibited iN This Wealth Gun. Leaves Enough Room For One To Blossom To Full Potential: Opportunities, Financially, Mentally and Spiritually.

The Window Of Opportunities Of Advancement Will Be Quite Obvious and Apparent. When It Is So, Move With Certainty To Benefit From The Full Effect of It's Power.




Mae Nang Kwak of The Buddha Tara Pantheon Is A Powerful Wealth Goddess That Influences and Inspires Opulent Aspirations Happiness and Fortune.

Removes Delusional Idealism and Negative Thoughts By Transmutation Of The Aforementioned into High Idealism of Realistic Goals and Milestones of Achievement That Manifest As Wish Fulfillment .

Burn This Note Daily To Permanently Remove Blockages and Obstruction in The Emotional Field That Will Allow Tidal Waves of Gratitude To Beseech You.




The Robust Emittance of The Nonillion Neteru Note Echoes Into The Fringes Of Oblivion.
Carrying The Hika of USIR/ AUSARU and The Arch AngEL GabriEL .

Alleviated Traumas and Cycles of Poverty Throughout The Four Ventricles Lines of The Lineage To The Progeny Providing The Offering.

Bringing Peace, Security, and Clarity To The Ancestors iN Purgatory Or Unsuitable Dimensions of The Human Afterlife. Potential To Expunge Karmic Debt and Hell God's Holding The Ancestors At Ransom.

Connecting and Reuniting Disenfranchised Family Members . Hidden and Dormant Gifts and Talents That Maybe Dormant Are Réanimated or Activated When Burned With Consistency.

Copious Waves of Miracles, Wealth and Lucky Opportunities Sequence in and out of Variable Forms of Reality. Setting The Stage For Unlocking The Doors and Gates With The Key of Life.
Which In Turn Will Set The Stage For The Heart To Be Light As A Feather. Placing One At The Door of Eternity.




This Funerary Note Will Clear All Financial Debts iN The Human Afterlife For Past Progenitors.

Quicken and Exhaust The Time Suspended iN Any Form Of Purgatory.

Offers Financial Assistance and Opportunities That Were Once Previously Block.

Disintegrates Poverty Demons Replaces Any Feeling or Thought of Lack With Abundance. Drawing Fortune and Favor Where It Will Be Most Effective.

Depending On The Karmic Debt Ensued Over Lifetimes. A Sequence of Miracles Will Begin To Matriculate Through The Living. Symmetrically Aligning The Thoughts Words and Actions Through The Matrix of The Branches of The Family Tree To Antiquity. The Activity Of This Note Collapse The Time Barrier and Opens Doorways To Parallel Realities So Variants Will Also Benefit From The Power Endowed In This Note.

Gives All Who Receive It's Power A Head Start Or Allows Them To Be Ahead Of The Curve If and When They Should Reach The Halls of Amenti To Cycle Back To The Earth Realm.



The Jade Emperor, Also known as Yu Huang or Yu Di, Is A Significant Figure In Chinese Mythology and Traditional Chinese Spiritual Hierarchy.

There Are Many Stories In Chinese Mythology Involving The Jade Emperor. He Is Said To Have Been A Mortal Man Prior To Becoming A God. In Some Versions of His Origin Story, The Jade Emperor Came Into Existence When The Universe Was Created By Pangu.

The Jade Emperor Is Married To The Celestial Queen Mother, Xiwangmu. They Are Said To Have Had Many Children Together, and Three Of Their Daughters Hold Important Places in Chinese Mythology.

Even today, the Jade Emperor plays a significant role in Chinese life, especially around Chinese New Year. During the New Year, the Jade Emperor is said to judge the character of each individual over the past year and punish or reward them accordingly