16 Nonillion (54 sets of [3] Zeroes) NETERU Note



The Robust Emittance of The Nonillion Neteru Note Echoes Into The Fringes Of Oblivion.
Carrying The Hika of USIR/ AUSARU and The Arch AngEL GabriEL .

Alleviated Traumas and Cycles of Poverty Throughout The Four Ventricles Lines of The Lineage To The Progeny Providing The Offering.

Bringing Peace, Security, and Clarity To The Ancestors iN Purgatory Or Unsuitable Dimensions of The Human Afterlife. Potential To Expunge Karmic Debt and Hell God's Holding The Ancestors At Ransom.

Connecting and Reuniting Disenfranchised Family Members . Hidden and Dormant Gifts and Talents That Maybe Dormant Are Réanimated or Activated When Burned With Consistency.

Copious Waves of Miracles, Wealth and Lucky Opportunities Sequence in and out of Variable Forms of Reality. Setting The Stage For Unlocking The Doors and Gates With The Key of Life.
Which In Turn Will Set The Stage For The Heart To Be Light As A Feather. Placing One At The Door of Eternity.