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 According To The Wikipedia Post Currently Posted On The Internet Calls Orgone Pseudoscientific. Although The Power and Task Of It's Energy and Task Have Been Validated and Witnessed By A Litany Of Owners Of The Positive Machinations That Emit The Good Orgone Energy. From , Plants, To Pets, To Children and The Host Of Blue Skies Presently Clearly The Chemtrail Pollutants Being Sprayed In The Atmosphere Via Chemtrails. Blocking The Photonic Energy and Vitamin D Of The Sun Has A Calcifying Effect On The Endocrine System and Nullifies One's Consciousness From Expansion Development. Fortunately There Is NunpTah RE - TEK. Before We Go In Detail Of The Orgonite TEK Provided via 1089TEKVISION.COM Let Us Review What Is Public Posted About Orgone Energy and The Common Known Knowledge Of It's Defining Existence and Nature.

It States: According To Wikipedia...

Orgone is a pseudoscientific concept that was originally proposed by Wilhelm Reich in the 1930s and developed by Reich’s student Charles Kelley after Reich’s death in 1957 1. It is described as an esoteric energy or hypothetical universal life force that is omnipresent and massless 1. Orgone is believed to be the anti-entropic principle of the universe, a creative substratum in all of nature that can coalesce to create organization on all scales, from the smallest microscopic units called “bions” to macroscopic structures like organisms, clouds, or even galaxies 1.

Orgone energy is believed to have many benefits, including the ability to transform deadly orgone energy into good orgone energy, which can be harnessed by the living beings 2. However, there is no scientific evidence to support these claims 1.


Ptah is an ancient Egiptian Deity associated with creation, craftsmanship, and architecture He was originally the local deity of Memphis, the capital of ancient Egypt, and was considered a creator god, responsible for crafting and shaping the world and everything in it . Ptah was often depicted as a mummified figure with a skullcap and a long beard .

In Egyptian mythology, Ptah was believed to have created the universe through the power of thought and his words were said to have inspired Amun to create the universe . Ptah was also considered a patron of craftsmen, especially sculptors, and his high priest was called the "chief controller of craftsmen" 

One Of The Various Crystals Also Added Into Our Devices Which Is Placed In Everything We Construct Is Shungite, Along With Black Tourmaline and Black Obsidian. Black Tourmaline Is Known To Be An All Around Protector. It Repels Lower Energies and Also Creates A Protective Aura Shield Around The Individual In It's Possession. Black Obsidian Is Known As The Banishment Stone. Used To Reverse Curses and Hexes and Psychic Attachments It Certainly Allies With The Copper Properties and Orgone Alike To Shift and Protect The Being That Adorns The Various Medallions and Pendants By NunpTah RE - TEK. 

Shungite is a black, lustrous mineral that is composed of more than 98% carbon . It is believed to have many spiritual and healing properties, including the ability to neutralize negative energy, promote emotional balance, and protect against electromagnetic radiation .

Shungite is often used in meditation to help clear away negative energy and promote peace and calm . It can also help to amplify the healing energy of other crystals and stones ².

Shungite is believed to be a powerful tool for spiritual growth and is said to help reduce stress, connect with higher realms, and protect against negative energy .


These Triad Of Black/Dark Matter Stones Are In Alignment With The Triad of Egiptian Deity (NUN - PTAH- RE[ray}) and Each Lends It's Energy In Various Ways To Every Stone. We Place These Three Stones In Everything We Build and Along With Black Sand & Atomised Metal Particles and Variant Crystals That Symmetrically Align The Ions In The Environment and In The Individual Alike Bringing Harmony and Synchronicity Into The Perception and Perspective Range of Cognition. With The Huhi Principles of Sia and The Magic Powers of HEKAU and Or Hika Projected Sequence of Power and Words of Power Are Encapsulated Into The Devices As Well. Accelerating The Healing, Properties and Task Of The Crystals, The Orgone Technology and The Divine Utterances Also. This 3x3 Trifecta of Magnetic Integration Develops A Sentient Consciousness. One Opened To The Program Of It's Owner and Also Exhibits The Ability To Evolve. The Apperceptive Capabilities Of NunpTah RE - TEK Are Not Scientifically Backed However The Testimonies Of Those That Have Purchased Our Items Will Beg To Differ. As Their Reviews , Testimonies, and Expansion of Awareness Is Beyond Confirming and Assuring.


If You Struggle WIth Sleep Deprivation, PTSD, Insomnia, and Or Anxiety Disorder. We Can Help You. Do You Seek To Retain Dreams, And Or Seek To Dream or Astral Travel or Acquire Optimum Restoration? Our Pendants and Medallions Can Certainly Facilitate The Disorders You Have Acquired. Auric Restoration, Microwave Damage Accumulated From Toxic Cell phone Activity Will Be Nullified and Eradicated. This Is Also True Of The Chemtrails That Are Sprayed In Your Local Sky, and Atmosphere. The Greatest Effects Are Seen With The Large Pyramids As They Cover Up To 16 Miles In Every Directions. The Smaller Ones Covered A Smaller Radius Yet Are Highly Effective As Well.

Please Parose Our Products and Accept WHat You Are Drawn To. Feel The Orgone Energy, The Primordial Energy and Accelerated Protection Provided By NunpTah RE - TEK iN This gREat Day iN Time Called : NunpTah RE.