Auset and Ausaru First Family Funerary Note. The Raashunaat Big Gun.



This Funerary Note Will Clear All Financial Debts iN The Human Afterlife For Past Progenitors.

Quicken and Exhaust The Time Suspended iN Any Form Of Purgatory.

Offers Financial Assistance and Opportunities That Were Once Previously Block.

Disintegrates Poverty Demons Replaces Any Feeling or Thought of Lack With Abundance. Drawing Fortune and Favor Where It Will Be Most Effective.

Depending On The Karmic Debt Ensued Over Lifetimes. A Sequence of Miracles Will Begin To Matriculate Through The Living. Symmetrically Aligning The Thoughts Words and Actions Through The Matrix of The Branches of The Family Tree To Antiquity. The Activity Of This Note Collapse The Time Barrier and Opens Doorways To Parallel Realities So Variants Will Also Benefit From The Power Endowed In This Note.

Gives All Who Receive It's Power A Head Start Or Allows Them To Be Ahead Of The Curve If and When They Should Reach The Halls of Amenti To Cycle Back To The Earth Realm.