Ancestor Altar Activation " The AAA Discourse"


An Altar Is The Most Essential Tool iN Ones Arsenal While On The Quest Of Enlightenment and Self Discovery. Spiritual Growth and Awareness Alike. An Altar Can Be Seen As A Modem Into The Spiritual Dimensions That Exist Beyond The Known Barriers Of Our Tangible Reality. The Same Way Your Wifi Modem Gives You Access To The Internet. An Altar Is Utilized To Connect With The Ancestors of Which We Descend From. To Loved Transitioned Ones That Loved and Cared For Us. Extended Family Members, A Lost Love, Parent or Guardian or Maybe A Best Friend. Whomever You Have Lost To The Material Realm Still EXIST and Can Be Contacted and The Connection To The Here After and Or The Afterlife or The Human Afterlife Can Be Established Via The Earthly Connection To Ones Dearly Departed. The Call To Ritual and The Duty of Venerating and Preparing Offerings For Our Modern Day Ancestors Is Not To Be Taking Lightly and Should Not Be Approached and Or Performed If One Is Not Prepared To Interface. Exalting The State of The Dearly Departed and Expand Access To A Heightened Aspect Of Our Spiritual Being. This Is Not Suggested To Begin If The Activity and Rituals Are Not Done At The Altar On A Consistent Basis.


The AAA Discourse Gives You The Necessary ACTions Needed and Components To Put iN Place In The Construction and Placement Of Your Altar. This Discourse Also Requires You To Purchase and Work With The NunpTah RE TEK Device For At Least 10 Days and A Brief Consultation Before Purchase. The Ancestral Network We Have Established Over The Years Is Very Sacred and Will Not Allow Anyone Access Until The Aforementioned Has Been Completed.


This Discourse Can Be Shared With DNA Blood Relatives aka Offspring or A Wife or Sibiling. There Is A Ramification In Play If You Disregard This Directive. Please Email For Consultation To Qualify For Purchase.