Orgonite Pyramid Mid Size


The Orgone Pyramid By NunpTah RE TEK Is Composed Of The Dark Matter Mix; ( Shungite, Black Obsidian, Black Tourmaline, & Black Sand. Along With Metal Sand Of Atomicised Inorganic Metals i.e.; Steele, Iron, Aluminimum, Copper, and TIN. It Also Includes A Copper Based Bottom and A Neodymium Coated Rare Earth Magnet In It's Center. Along WIth A Quartz Crystal and Accompanied By An Additional Crystal or Two Of Your Choice. These Generators Nullify and Eradicate The Chemtrails and Radiation In Your Immediate Environment. 7 miles In Every Direction At Full Size. The Mid SIze and Palm Size Facilitate The Personal Space 6 - 15 feet In Every Direction. Improving Sleep Quality and Enhancing Meditation and Magnifying Ones Ability To Access and Output The Wisdom Recieved. Thoughts Words and Actions, Activities, and Activision Is Magnified While In Possession Of The Pyramid. So Please Be Very Attentive Of What You Speak, For Good Bad Or Indifferent It Will Be Magnified In Its Presence.

Mid Size and Palm Size Pyramids Are Limited To One Choice of Crystal. The Dark Matter Mix Along With The Crystal Of Your Choice If You Would Like. Pyramids Are Made To Order.

I Require A Phone Number and A Consultation To Confirm Order.