The PRO - TEK Does Exactly What It's Name Sake Says.


Many People Seek Protection. Mainly From Harm, Conflict, and Confertation. The Deadliest Of Killers Are Usually Silent and Rarely Seen and Moored Into The Wealth Center of Peoples Vitality. The Microwave Radiation Emitted From The Cellphones and The Technology Used To Correspond With Servers, Cellphone Towers and The Wifi Modem In Your Homes.

The PRO - TEK has 29 Copper Beads Outlined In Its Inner Curviture of The Medallion. The 29th Element Is Copper. Copper Is The Chief Conductor of Heat and Electricity. The 29th NETERU of The 99 NETERU is pTah. His Attribute Is The Opener and He Is Regarded As The Chief Engineer In Creation Seeing As It Is Told He Imagined The Universe Into Existence.


The Orgone Energy In These Particular Builds Perfome Its Functions In A Hyper Accelarated Fashion. Also Communicated At The Same Rate Are The Properties of The Crystals iN The Device. The Endowed Empowerments and Hekau and Sequence of Power Which Accelerate The Consciousness Of The Device. Which Grows and Evolves Corresponding With Your "Clairs" Field Seamlessly and Bonding To The Innerbeings That Adorn The Device.


Comes with Shungite,  Black Tourmaline, Black Obsidian, Black Sand,and Fine Sands of Metals (Copper, Steele, Aluminum and Iron).

Rare Earth Magnet Neodymium Coated For Premium Performance.

One Crystal Is Added and Sometimes More. It's Healing Properties and Effect Exhibit A Sentient Consciousness When and While Communicating and Connecting With It's Owner.

Programmed To Nullify, Ground, and or Eradicate Various Radiations. From Elfwaves,EMF Waves and Lithium Radiation and Microwave Radiation Alike. It Is Also Programmed To Accept Your Programming As Well.

Place Under The Pillow At Night and Experience The Restoration Occur From Years Of Microwave Damage From Cellphone and Other Electrical Components iN Your Home and Or Environment.

Due To The Pendants Size and Weight It Is Suggested That You Begin Acquiring A Copper Chain of Which Are Also Available For Purchase. Its Not A Demand Just A Suggestion.