SEKHMET Is Regarded As One Of The More Noticable and Venerated Deity Of Ancient Khemet She Is The Daughter Of RA and Is Linked To Fire, Blood, and Vengance via Truth and Justice Being She Was The One Who Was Beloved By Ma'at. SEKHMET Is A Deitess of Magic , Healing and Power and Has Lend Hekau To My Personage & Has Sent A Streamline of Her Essence To My Remote Controller. Producing The Power of Citrine and The ENergy and Courage Of Carnelian. Along With Amber This Integrated Mix Will Have You Detoxifying From Dis Ease Dis Comfort and Self Sabatoging Antics That Distort or Negate Character Development.

Comes with Shungite,  Black Tourmaline, Black Obsidian, Black Sand,and Fine Sands of Metals (Copper, Steele, Aluminum and Iron).

Rare Earth Magnet Neodymium Coated For Premium Performance.

One Crystal Is Added and Sometimes More. It's Healing Properties and Effect Exhibit A Sentient Consciousness When and While Communicating and Connecting With It's Owner.

Programmed To Nullify, Ground, and or Eradicate Various Radiations. From Elfwaves,EMF Waves and Lithium Radiation and Microwave Radiation Alike. It Is Also Programmed To Accept Your Programming As Well.

Place Under The Pillow At Night and Experience The Restoration Occur From Years Of Microwave Damage From Cellphone and Other Electrical Components iN Your Home and Or Environment.

Due To The Pendants Size and Weight It Is Suggested That You Begin Acquire A Copper Chain of Which Are Also Available For Purchase. Its Not A Demand Just A Suggestion.