Ba Ruwty Order (Orgonite Charm)


From The Chaos To Order Arrangement Comes The Ba Ruwty Order. This Crystal Matrix Arrangement Carries Over 19 Different Crystals In It's Make Up. Encouraging and Defiant To Odds. This Array Of Stones Has A Very High Vibration and Assist In Manifestation and Materialization Of Plans and Ideas. If You Find It Difficult To Cope With The Barings A Day Task One With On A Consistent Basis. Ba Ruwty Will Bring Things To Order and In Alignment To One's Desired Outcome Or The Best Outcome Aligned With The Forsaught Desire.

From Azurite, Malachite, Scolcelite , Chrysacolla, Selenite, Amethyst,Tigers Eye, Turquoise,Citrine,and Carnelian Along With Lapis Lazuli,Chalcedony,Red Jasper & K2 Jasper, To Chaorite and Clear Quartz along with The Dark Matter Mix Trio. This Arrangement Is Instantly Felt, Connected and Synced To The Being That Adorns It's Brillance.

Programmed To Nullify, Ground, and or Eradicate Various Radiations. From Elfwaves,EMF Waves and Lithium Radiation and Microwave Radiation Alike. It Is Also Programmed To Accept Your Programming As Well.

Place Under The Pillow At Night and Experience The Restoration Occur From Years Of Microwave Damage From Cellphone and Other Electrical Components iN Your Home and Or Environment.