Qurshaniyya Notes


Official Note Of NunpTah RÉ -TEK.
Qurshaniyya Means: The Dedication and Devotion To Reverence For Our Ancestors.

This Note Ensures Reaching The Ancestors Is Priority #1.
Anubu Dispatcher of Souls That Transition The Life Of The Living.
Grants Serenity and Understanding of The Experience of Removing Death From The Psychic Center of The Mind.

Helping The Ancestor Come To Clarity and Solutions To Heavy Weighed Thought, Desire, and Issues of The Heart That Weigh Heavy On The Mind & The Scales Of Truth and Justice.

Giving The Receivers Of This Offering Truth and Justice For Liberation of Any Transgressions of Rendering Magnitude.
Covering The Debts Left To Predecessors Of The Dearly Departed.
This Note Will Bring Bridges To Open Roads. Removing Resistance and Obstruction Placing Fulfillment and Pleasure of An Accomplished Nature.

On The Other Side Of The Celestial Courts Of Ausaru Father of Anubu Awaits The Windfall of Offerings Bestowed From This Note.

Designed To Liberate The Ancestors From Forms of Hell, Purgatory and Cyclic Loops of The Material Realm.
It Reverbs Through The Bloodline and Links Where Needed Most.
Comes With a set of (40) 76 Trillion Dollar Notes. This Notes Energy Echoes Throughout The Ancestral Network of Our Community.

2 Notes Are Required
For Optimum Effect